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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bellydance Music

One of the problems of dancing at home that I faced was getting the right kind of music to dance to. Most of the time, the kind of music that I prefer is Arabic ... or at least, arabic sounding .. cause I really don't know the difference.

That's my biggest problem actually. Ignorance. Luckily, I am dancing solo at home, behind closed doors so no one can actually laugh at me.

Finding bellydance music at the store is tough. Especially when you don't know what you are doing.

But lately, after looking through some forums, I've discovered a liking to Natacha Atlas and Nancy Ajram.

My latest additions to my small but growing collection is:

By Natacha Atlas
- Feres
- Amulet
- Leysh Nat'arak
- Mon Amie La Rose
- Yalla Chant
- Kidda (I LOVE this song!)
- I Put A Spell On You
- Dub Yalil (A nice song, but unsuitable for dancing)

By Nancy Ajram
- Boussi Boussi Bouss
- Enta Eih
- Inta We Bas
- Mo'gaba Moghrama
- Oul Tani Eyh
- Sana Wara Sana
- Sehr Ooyouno
- Shik Shak Shok
- Ya Habibi Yalla
- Ma Fiye Aish
- Atabtab

YAY! I am a happy camper. Shimmy away everyone!

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